Typographical Revolution 

October 2019-November 2019

This project based around a branded event inspired by the work of Pentagram partner: Paula Scher. This project was established from my ongoing admiration and appreciation of the work of Paula Scher. Her talk as part of the Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series was inspiring and truly captured the innovation of her work. The talk can be viewed here: https://stamps.umich.edu/stamps/detail/paula_scher

The exhibition is a fictional retrospective  chronicling the work and career of Paula Scher. Designed to evoke her pioneering typographical style, this project marks the beginning of my exposure to the design world and its power.

Project includes 3 poster designs, accordian-fold brochure, event style guide, and new typeface


Poster Designs 


Brochure Design
This brochure was created and printed during a previous iteration of the logotype. The “R” was
added halfway into the project as a way to recognize Scher’s work could also be considered
a revolutionary evolution.

Style Guide

New Typeface- Helvetica Stretch
Additional Merchandise
This includes a tote bag that would be sold at the museum gift shop promoting the exhibition.