Student Voting Wayfinding System

October 2020

Project Brief:

Design a system of posters/materials that will make it easy and inviting for students living in Univeristy of Michigan housing to get from residence halls to their polling places on Election Day.

Many students (who may be first-time voters) do not realize that when they register to vote, the address they use in their registration application will determine the exact location where they will cast their ballot if they choose to vote in person on Election Day. U-M students are often confused about where they need to go to vote on Election Day and lack confidence. They may find voting confusing or have an impression that it is difficult and time-consuming.

Assuming that the students will have been exposed previously to information about registering to vote (at either their school or permanent address), and options for vote-by-mail, the goal of this project is to create a system of materials that helps students not only find their way to the correct polling place, but feel reassured about the process. 

Process Sketches:
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Wayfinding system includes:

1. Dorm-specific, large vertical retractable banners:
As the initial source of information for students, these dorm-specific, large vertical retractable banners will be placed in high-traffic areas, such as the Community Center, in each dorm.
These banners provide students with all the necessary information to get to their polling location. Students will then see additional signage around campus with the same branding and imagery to guide their journey.

Dimensions: 33in x 81in

2. Navigational Posters:
These navigational posters will be placed around campus on lampposts and sidewalks by each dorm and on the way to each polling location, as well as inside the buildings themselves leading students to the actual voting rooms. They guide students as they navigate through campus, which might still be unknown territory to most college freshmen living in the residence halls. The consistent branding and encouraging language ensures students they are going to right way.

Dimensions: 12in x 12in

3. Polling Location Posters:
These posters will be placed outside each polling location on the doors and windows. They indicate to students that they have arrived in the correct place. Many polling locations are also university buildings where these posters can also indicate voting information to students frequenting these buildings who may not have yet seen information in their residence halls.

Dimensions: 18in x 24in

4. System-Wide Poster:
This poster includes information of all polling locations and their respective dorms. This poster will be placed at different points around campus and at each polling location.