Ongoing Project
September 2017-March 2018

An exploration into the patterns in my surroundings and how they can be depicted through color using different color tones. Goal was to evoke distinct moods based on the shades of the colors. All images are collages based off of patterns found in my environment and are an analysis of the personality of hues of color.


Continuation of patterning concept. 

This piece is a hand stitched quilt, built with paper and string, inspired by the quilt work of the women of Gees Bend, Alabama. Created with manipulated digital images of more patterns found in the environment. Each pattern is abstracted enough so that their original form can’t be discerned. Each pattern was printed and stitched together by hand to create the quilt. The stitching on each pattern is different and individual to that piece. Further explores patterns and how they interact with each other through different colors and shapes.