My Life, My Pratice

Semester-long project
September-December 2021

The project was to pick a meaningful subject and design a publication about it to serve as a hypothetical catalogue for an exhibition. My subject was an artist named Klara Chavarria. Chavarria is a Guatemalan artist and designer from Miami, FL. Her work centers around her inner-search providing a way or outlet to communicate, discover, and investigate her questions about life. Her unique approach to expressionism and figurative abstraction provide an exploration of the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional side of the human condition.

My goal for the publication was to explore Chavarria’s work through a visual language that would allow me to create a system of design work based on her process and practice as an artist. I wanted the project to speak to what it means to be human and how design can translate that to a large audience. In pairing my design language with Chavarria’s work, I bridged the gap between art and design through a collective empathy that we share as humans. I believe Chavarria’s work focuses on an integral part of the human condition through a lens that can relate to a wide audience. This exhibit carries a sense of importance as it will communicate ideas of emotion, spirituality, and empathy that can align with many different identities.

All artwork is by Klara Chavarria. View more of her work here: