Lusso Coffee Roasters 

December 2019

Lusso Coffee Roasters is a fictional company created through a branding project based upon the creation of a new company and all supplemental marketing and informational materials. Lusso Coffee Roasters is branded as a luxury coffee roasting company located in Ann Arbor, MI. The mission of the brand is provide luxury, rich coffee to customers and truly caring for the luxurious process of brewing coffee to perfection. Lusso prides itself on its focus on sustainability and its reliance on reliable farming practices.

The design of this brand identity is based of the warmth and luxuriousness of coffee. The swirling pattern motif was created by tracing the shapes and fluid forms created by coffee beans themselves. The branding focuses around this pattern to evoke a sense of richness.  

Project includes logo, packaging, apparel, stationary, signage, website design, menu, social media content, and a style guide

Process Sketches

Logo Design


Packaging and Merchandise

To-Go Coffee and Food Bag

Menu and Signage

Outdoor Mural

Website and Social Media