Harlan Hatcher Library Wayfinding System

Semester-long project
September-December 2021

This project was to pick a university building that is specifically lacking in a navigational or wayfinding system. I chose the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library that is located on the University of Michigan Diag. It is a central building on campus that is frequented by many students. My goal for this project was to make the space more accessible and easy to navigate for students. The library is home to many resources that can be tucked away and unknown to students. 

After speaking with a couple librarians, I learned about their struggles navigating the building as well as the issues they encounter students having. One librarian stated that it is extremely common for students to ask how to navigate between the North and South sides of the building which are in fact two different buildings that were combined to create one large space. Their floor levels don’t line up and the North side can only be accessed from the second floor of the South side and vice versa. I hoped to clear up the confusion between Hatcher North and Hatcher South as well as make sure to highlight some special resources and great study spots in the building that seem almost undiscovered by students as a whole.

Visual language is presented in the form of a brand identity book detailing the wayfinding system.